Let's turn the clock back!

When humans or members of genus Homo have dwelled on the planet for about 2.40 million years, Homo Sapiens have been in existence for about 150,000 years. But our cognitive revolution began 70,000 years ago About 10,000 years ago that we began the agricultural revolution in which we began to cultivate grains. Before that humans were hunter-gatherers and they had a very strong physical constitution. With agricultural came the sense of property and belonging to a smaller unit of society called a family and indivdual housing and grain storage. It also lead to sedentary life-style and the onset of 'disease'. Man thought he had domesticated the grains, but it is these staple grains that have domesticated him to physically weaker species. But, as we began to cook, the food became easier to hidigest and our intake of nutrients increased the size and functioning ability of our Brains while shrinking our digestive system. 

 Around 500 years ago, the Scientific revolution began, driven by the Industrial revolution, leading to mass production and cultivation of grains. This has lead to change in the dietary habits of humans. Fifty years ago, the biotechnological revolution started triggering a sea-change in the way health & wellness is perceived and the advancement in the science of medicine and nutrition has paved way for a better understanding of the food we take. 

 Circa 4,000 years ago, high up in the Andes mountains, the Incas had cultivated a wonder grain called 'Quinoa'. It is pronounced as 'Keen-wah' This super food contains all the essential amino acids the human body requires. This food was offered to the Gods by the Incas and the Mayans in Mesoamerican civilzations. It was called 'Chisaya Mama' or 'Mother of all Grains'. In the 15th century, the Spanish arrived and under Herman Cortez destroyed Quinoa fields along with the local culture and religion. For thousands of years Quinoa remaine relegated to a very few farms in the mountains. It was only in the 1980s when the Spanish royalty visited South American continent that Quinoa was offered as a part of local cuisine and tradition. The royal chefs and the nutritionists were stunned by this ancient grain that has features of a grain, but was a plant seed. Europe, America and the first world began consuming Quinoa in large quantities. 

 There are many varieites of Quinoa and the most popular is the White Quinoa. Under this the Wild variety of Quinoa has higher degree of nutition and taste, but it has the challenge of having more Saponin in three areas which required a scientific treatment of the seed at an industrial scale. We at Asthral Biotech Pvt Ltd have spent years in research and development to perfect an unique technical manner to process the wild variety of Quinoa. 

This is the reason why Ashtral is the only company chosen by the Government through Global EOI process to set u a Quinoa Processing unit. Ashtral Biotech Pvt Ltd, not only is the only company in the world that has the full intellectual property in organic processing of Quinoa, but it is also the company that has the largest range of products based on quinoa. We do not use synthetic alkalines or proteases in processing our Quinoa. We use our special secret organic conditioning agent to treat our Quinoa. This makes ZeroCalz brand which the company sells its Quinoa under a very valuable and a leader in its own accord in the Global Wild variety of Quinoa. Globally, there is an increasing number of people who are switching to Quinoa.